JAN 08. 24


JAN 11. 24

i dont rlly kno what to write in this thinf anyways but today i had a girls who code meeting after school. im the club vice prez!! (basically the president bc the actual president nvr shows up and i actually yk care abt coding but wtv!) and my crush is coming over tmr.

JAN 19. 24

im so pissed my brother hit my car w a fucking four wheeler. I only got it like a month ago and had been saving money since i was like 8.

but anyways on a brighter note i got a boyfriend!! my crush finally asked me to make it offical but i prob wont be able to see him until monday bc of the snow :(

FEB 11. 2024

why the FUCK has iframe not been working for me i rlly dont understand it. one minute its fine and then i do something completely unrelated and it stops working all together????? how?????

FEB 19. 2024

my family and i went on a trip to the mountains this wknd! it was rlly fun and i brought my boyfriend :) we were high asf in dollar general lol it was a pretty good weekend.

MAR 07. 2024

sorry for not being active in a while ive just been SO unmotivated ever since half my pictures got deleted. im working on just recovering all of them for now but i feel like ive lost so much progress. AND MY STAMPS OH LORD MY ENTIRE GRAPHICS COLLECTION that is going to be such a pain in the ass. im rlly frustrated but trying to stay positive. also, there hasnt been a girls who code meeting in a while and neocities is blocked on the school computers. ugh.

MAR 12. 2024

hey chat im still working on my graphics slowly but surely. idk whats wrong w me but i just really miss my bf today (i litr saw him a few hours ago) this is one of the reasons i usually dont date bc ik i would just get too attached. god i love him sm ik i talk abt him in these a lot but i doubt any one actually reads them so who cares \[:/]/

MAY 26. 2024

cant believe i have been inactive for so long jfc. anyways prom was 2 days ago it was pretty fun the venue was really nice