this is ur hostess Chloe G reporting live from right here in the jungle of junkyard! junkyard is my own personal paradise where i am the coolest person there is, bc i am the only person here. also!: all the links with a "*" in front either have not yet been created/posted, or r still very messy; everything is a continuous work in progress

my mission: i want to make my mark in the sea of cyberspace, and create something i can be proud of :) my goal for this website is to be fun and unique, and totally for me! to read more, look at my manifesto

optimized for 1920x1080 chrome. zoom out to 80% for firefox viewing.

more stuff :o

dont be rude, say hi to Wakaka!

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Hope Sandoval

Hope Sandoval

Though you may seem quiet and reserved, there is an infectious creative energy around you that everyone can see. You don't need many words to command a room, and even if you don't necessarily like being the center of attention you sometimes find yourself there just because of the way you are.

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todo list
  • make more user/mobile friendly
  • !!fonts
  • background music
  • resources
  • insert more widgets
  • shrine for my kitty kylie
  • chloe's crazy crystal collection
  • add a change log