why care abt the indie web?

originally, i'd made this website with no real purpose in mind other than to learn and have fun, while also expressing myself in a unique way. while all that still applies, i've realized there is much more to the indie web than just that.

first off, what is this so-called "indie web"? its exactly what it sounds like - independent web created and ran by real individuals, instead of corporations. there is no capital incentives or gains to be made. some call it indie web, old web, small web, under web etc but it all refers to the same idea.

back in the early days of internet, before companies imperialized our every waking thought, the internet was a place one could create and curate for themself. this is why i love neocities so much. it is my own quiet little corner of the ever expanding internet with no outside influence. the door is shut and im inside building and creating in peace. there's no worry about who's watching or who's following. there's no adds shoving shit i dont need and dont want down my throat. JNKYRD is my sanctuary

i hope to inspire or at least encourage others to create their own website too! im not gonna lie and saying that "coding is easy and anyone can do it" bc that isn't rlly true. it will take time, effort, and dedication but it is so so so rewarding. making ur own website provides a space to freely express yourself without the fear of judgement from others. how u do so is entirely up to you.

women in STEM

STEM fields are and have been domininated by men since the very beginning. women were encouraged to stay home and maintain the household, effectively keeping them uneducated and therefore ignorant of their own oppression. but that was the past. women have demonstrated their capabilities to acheive anything they set their minds to dispite all odds and obsticals. this includes academia, specifically in science. the majority of stem environments are still run by men for the most part. their female employees and coworkers are not shown the same level of respect and/or authority. when u picture a doctor, what is their gender; what about a nurse? men subconciously undermind their female counter parts. it is no surprise given the lack of female academics in our history textbooks.

but the ignorant and outdated ideology that women are inferior to men in any aspect has been proven false. it is time for women and girls to support each other in academic pursuits. the female race is just as capable as (if not more than) the male race. women need strong and feminine role models in the workplace and community to show the younger generation that it is in fact possible. i encourage all fem-identifying persons to work hard and pursue their quest for knowledge. i myself plan to become a marine biologist, and you can too!

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  • check out this awesome youtube video that explains the indie web ideology in much more depth
  • also this page here on neocities describes yesterweb

  • future topics

  • environmentalism
  • feminism (as a whole, not just in stem fields)
  • the morality of graffiti